A child prodigy, Doree Susanne Clark, partnered with her brother Jonathan, became a ballroom champion at age 16 when the couple won the prestigious Harvest Moon Ball. This led to a guest appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, and quickly after that, Doree had her own television dance series entitled "Watch Your Step."

Doree and her brother toured the Northeast, opening for blues great Billy Daniel, and starring in Philly's Fever, a salute to Pete Rose. At the same time, Doree developed her choreographic and dance skills, training with teachers such as Luigi, Chuck Kelly, Phil Black and Anahid Sofian.

In 1987, Doree moved to the west coast. She began by offering a few classes in jazz and ballroom, attracted some wildly dedicated students whose talent ranged from strictly beginner to the professional dancer, and from this motley crew fashioned a dance company, The Don't Quit Your Day Job Dancers. 

Now entering its 30th season, The Don't Quit Your Day Job Dancers are a Bay Area phenomenon. The characteristics of a Doree Clark show are high energy, fun, sexy, provocative, emotional, beautiful, and entertaining. Doree's ability to choreograph for dancers at every level while simultaneously entertaining and stimulating her audience is a unique and wonderful gift. 

Doree is continually evolving as a choreographer, and her most recent shows have introduced theatricality into dance. Each act tells a story through a number of different dances, and some acts include speaking parts as well. Musical dance theatre may well be evolving and revitalizing itself through Doree's enormous creative vision. 
My vision is to bring people of 
all skill levels and ages together, giving them an opportunity to experience all aspects of 
dance as an art form.
                                              ~ Doree Clark
Doree Susanne Clark 
Dancer | Choreographer | Director