As owner and artistic director, Doree Clark's vision is for each student to step beyond pre-conceptions of their own ability, and reach for the stars! Our young students have become beautiful teenage dancers. Our teens have been accepted into performing arts schools and colleges. Our adults have become part of our resident dance company, The Don't Quit Your Day Job Dancers®. 
At Stage Dor in Marin, we have a passion for dance, and it shows in everything we do - from classes in traditional to contemporary disciplines, to unique performances that showcase some of our community's most dynamic and diverse talent. Our focus is on jazz dance and performance, where we help students develop awareness and skills beyond traditional technique.
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Stage Dor Classes 
Now at 2 Locations in Mill Valley - See Class Schedule for Details

The Almonte Club
105 Wisteria Avenue

Body Kinetics
639 E. Blithedale