Doree Clark is a master storyteller. The original "dansicals" 
she creates are her unique way of combining stories, messages, and dance into a marvelously imaginative, thoughtful, and moving form of art and entertainment.
Those who believe in magic will always find it.    ~ Doree Clark
Auditions and production choreography begin soon after that, and a new show hits the boards every spring.
Doree's passion ~ and her gift ~ is turning ordinary people into beautiful dancers. She truly believes that anyone with the desire to dance, CAN dance!
Doree's classes begin each fall with jazz technique for style, Luigi technique for strengthening, musical theater jazz for expression, and Latin jazz for va-va-voom!

Doree's classes are open to dancers wanting to perform, as well as students who want to strengthen their bodies and hone their craft. Truly, everyone is welcome.
Doree has been choreographing, directing, and producing dansicals for 30+ years in Marin and her shows are always    sold-out events. Her prolific body of work comprises unique interpretations of classic stories like The Last Unicorn  and 
Wonderland, along with variations on deeper themes like finding inspiration, the search for truth, and ah, yes, love!